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Technology Trends and Their Impacts On Us
Rodger Perkins

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 - gather at 4:15pm for a 4:30 start,

Fronde, 3 Queen's Wharf, Wellington (across the courtyard under the sails from TSB Arena)

In this talk, Rodger is going to cover his top technology predictions - looking towards 2024. These predictions will cover many aspects of our digital lives with implications well beyond our roles as IT professional. This insightful talk will enlighten you and encourage you to start looking for the signposts of future change. The key to a successful future is having an awareness now of what to look for and being prepared for the changes that are coming.

In closing this talk, Rodger will introduce his thoughts on the implications of future change on our profession and also on us as community members.

About The Speaker

Rodger works with Assurity Consulting as a Client Manager. In this role Rodger spends a lot of time talking with industry leaders, both within the business and technology domains. These discussions inevitably involve business planning, including future direction, impacts and considerations. Through this work Rodger has focused a lot of energy on thinking about the digital revolution and its impacts on us.

Rodger is the chairman of the Wellington Test Professionals Network and is passionate about creating opportunities for our industry to grow and for our members to have regular opportunities to come together to share ideas and experiences.

Rodger has worked for Assurity for about four years, through this time Rodger has contributed to the success and growth of the business and the continued delivery of better client outcomes. Prior to working for Assurity Rodger was the Test Director for EDS and HP, and Manager of Testing Services for the Department of Internal Affairs. Rodger has held various other testing roles over an almost 20 year career.

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Guidelines For Presenters


The purpose of these guidelines is to assist speakers and Software Quality NZ to jointly achieve a successful outcome at SQNZ Members' Sessions.


The objective of a Members' Session is to provide the audience with information they would find useful and can apply in their day-to-day work.


The audience comprises mostly senior IT
professionals familiar with Software Quality concepts and
terminology. There may be some students present but presentations should usually be aimed at experienced professionals. Typical attendance levels are 10 to 40.


Each Members' Session is organised by one committee member, who will be your primary contact for any matters relating to the meeting.

If you need to communicate with the SQNZ and have been unable to contact the organising committee member, then please email



Members session's are usually conducted as either workshops or presentations, we usually focus on one topic per session, with one or two speakers being the norm but sometimes more. Our organiser will be happy to discuss with you the desirable timings for the presentation or workshop and questions.


It is desirable, based on past member's sessions feedback, that a presentation include use of Powerpoint slides. We also encourage potential presenters to have accompanying notes and handouts available - thirty copies is the optimum number based on past attendances.

Software Quality NZ web site

SQNZ would also like to make the slides and other material available for download from this website. Your presentation will be posted at the top of our Past Sessions page from the week after the date of your presentation. In this way, we are building up a repository of material that will be useful to the software development community.

All presentation material is posted acknowledging the presenter.

Other format points


We are happy to provide assistance as required in preparation of the presentation. We can help in setting up Powerpoint or Word material and can assist with checking materials prior to the presentation.


A flier will be prepared about 4 weeks before the meeting date for distribution to those on our mailing list. You will be requested to provide a short description about the topic, your title/position and any other relevant information which will attract people to the presentation.


When you make your presentation or submit material to the SQNZ, you warrant that you are either the sole owner of the material or have full power and authority to publish it; you also warrant that it does not infringe any copyright or contain libellous or unlawful matter.

Copyright for material published and/or distributed by the SQNZ remains with the presenter.


The SQNZ is an independent body and provides information of a general nature that does not endorse or support any particular product or service.

Presenters are asked not to include industrial strength endorsement or recommendation of products and services in their presentations. Detracting from your competitors products and service offerings is also a definite no-no. We do not mind the odd logo or contact details creeping in on presentation materials so long as it is done tastefully. The distribution of business cards or contact details to attendees is quite acceptable as is promoting your material's presence on our web page starting from around the first of the following month for a minimum of three months.