President's Report to the 2014 AGM - Kieron Horide-Hobley


Speaker sessions 2013-14

Thurs 25 July, 4:30pm - Sufficient Quality by Michael Henderson at Contact

Thurs 29 August, 4:15 for a 4:30pm start - Designing Programming Languages to Improve Software Quality by David Whiley at Contact

Thurs 31st October, 4:30pm - Software Horror Stories at Contact (was to be a discussion, but very few came)

Tues 25th February, 4:15pm for a 4:30pm start - Requirements - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly by Martin Lewis at Fronde

No speaker in April 2014.

Sessions were free, and lasted about an hour. Attendances ranged between about 12 to about 25.

We are encountering a number of challenges, and are experimenting with options to attract audiences. The following audience-affecting factors are being worked with:

Other concerns are getting people to arrive on time, finding speakers, and getting speakers to commit.

Finding speakers is proving difficult. Members seldom come forward with offers or suggestions. Groups in Wellington that Kieron has been networking with include Testing Professionals Network and ANZTB (both testing related).

Other IT-related groups exist in Wellington and continue to emerge, whose audiences and purposes overlap SQNZ's to varying degrees. These often are facilitated via and other social networks, meaning they can be ephemeral and adaptive without constraints experienced by incorporated societies such as ours. This raises questions as to what value SQNZ can bring to the IT community in its current form.

Kieron's proposal is to invite members to discuss this and other challenges via our on-line groups over the coming year, as a way of encouraging a greater level of engagement and possibly bring more speakers out of the woodwork.

Kieron Horide-Hobley, President