Software Quality New Zealand Annual General meeting 2012. President's Report - Mark Carroll

My last AGM as President

This will be my last AGM as President of Software Quality New Zealand (SQNZ). After having been involved with SQNZ and its predecessors since 1995 I have decided to step down and hand the reins to a very capable group of folk on the current committee.

My involvement has consisted of being on the general committee, then as secretary followed by two stints at various times as President, if memory serves, for at least eight of the sixteen years I have been with SQNZ. My involvement with the group has allowed me to meet a wide variety of people within the IT profession and build up some great friendships along the way. Along with the privilege of having given service to SQNZ I have also had the privilege of being conferred life membership of the society which I regard as a valuable acknowledgement of my efforts.

I totally recommend anyone consider giving service to SQNZ as a committee member, or in a more senior role, as a way to help build their career and meet some great as well as very dedicated people along the way.

Reflection on changes since 1995 in the NZ Software Quality movement

In last years President's report I made the comment that "It's hard to quantify just how much a lack of software quality can cost us as a country." I then went on to explain why I felt it was a considerable sum of money and how as a nation our expenditure on published software, in-house developed software along with all the related IT services was increasing at approximately 7% per annum.

What I outlined in last year's report has been a perpetual set of circumstances since 1995 when I first started attending SQNZ sessions. The cumulative increase in expenditure, and hence waste, must run into the tens of billions.

In 1995 we were a branch of the New Zealand Organisation for Quality - Adrian Price was the President and Shirley Vollweiler was secretary. Just as now we had regular sessions but we were based on an individual member basis. Later I took on the role as Secretary and promoted the notion that we become an independent Incorporated society which we eventually did as Software Quality New Zealand. It was around that time that we also had a branch in Auckland.

Several years and venues later the society continues pretty much as a special interest group that holds regular sessions of interest to Software quality. Whilst we never launched a revolution I'd like to think that in our own way we have helped a large number of folk develop skills and awareness around the topic.


Finally, after seventeen years of service I would like to acknowledge some very special people for their support towards both SQNZ (including its predecessors) and myself. Thanks to Adrian Price for getting the ball rolling and steering the group initially; Shirley Vollweiler for many years of great service as secretary, general committee member and more lately as a member; Marien de Wilde - for his varied roles, including two terms as President and the way he managed to get our Finances together; Jim Walmsley for his work as web master / committee member and finally Yolanda Van Dorrestein - for the time she has spent on the committee and especially her time as Secretary. There were many others who have also worked hard for SQNZ over the years and my thanks to them also.

I know I leave you all in good hands to continue the mission...

"To share and advance knowledge of quality and best business practices relating to software, to be the New Zealand focal point on matters relating to software quality, and to enhance the competitiveness of New Zealand software"

Best to you all

Mark Carroll

Outgoing President of Software Quality New Zealand